Due Diligence

Prior to purchasing a property a buyer should have knowledge of the land use entitlements. Ortiz Planning Solutions can assist through provision of land use analysis which outlines the properties characteristics, if the existing use conforms with the current land use regulation, or if it has vested non-conforming rights. This report will contain a summary of the uses currently allowed and those that have the potential to be allowed and the processes needed to be undertaken for such allowances.  

Eminent Domain

Sometimes referred to as condemnation, eminent domain is the government power to take private property. This power requires the government to prove that the taking is for a public purpose (e.g. building a road) and to pay fair compensation to the landowner. We represent landowners by providing analysis of the highest and best use of their land.

Historic Preservation

Properties that are included in a historic district are subject to special restrictions aimed at preserving the visual integrity of the area. Once a property is designated as part of a historic preservation site, all changes to the exterior must undergo a lengthy review process that may be at odds with the goals of the business. OPS handles the submission, review, and appeal processes, representing clients as necessary in front of the local board or commission.

Land Use Consulting

In Florida, the land use classification and/or zoning designation dictate the type of uses and intensity of development, the maximum heights, building placement, and other design criteria. We analyze proposed developments and determine if it is consistent with the zoning code and Comprehensive Plan and advise you accordingly. Generally, there are two types of re-zonings Standard and Planned Development.


In Florida, signs are subject to the regulation established by local governments and the Department of Transportation. Each municipality has its own rules governing the height, style, placement, and copy area of signs and a unique system of processing permits. We assist by simplifying the regulation and expediting the permitting process. In addition to expediting sign permits we also offer expertise with the following: Zoning Research, Variances and Waivers, Master Sign Plans, Code Violations and After the Fact permits, Vested Rights, Inspection Requests, and Contractor Registration.

Wet Zoning

Prior to selling alcohol in Florida approval must be granted by the governing municipality and a license from the State of Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco must be obtained. The intent of the local municipality is to ensure adverse impacts of the sale of alcohol on nearby and adjacent properties will be minimized. This is typically accomplished by regulating the minimum distances of separation between uses selling alcohol and homes, parks, schools and churches be met. In some instances, the process is administrative but in most cases approval from the local municipality requires approval through the public hearing process. We assist you by explaining the process, working with other professionals to order the required surveys, site plans and studies and then presenting your proposal to the local government. Subsequent to approval we assist you with the licensing requirements of the state. We assist you with alcohol sales by processing petitions commonly referred to as: Conditional Use, Special Use, ReZoning, and Wet Zoning.

Zoning Compliance/Code Enforcement

We assist property and business owners in resolving zoning compliance disputes that result in code enforcement actions being initiated by local governments. Our services include handling appeals, rezoning properties or amending comprehensive plans, and representation before code enforcement boards.